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UFO HeliThruster - designed to perform!

Ultimate Flying Options (UFO) is proud to introduce a new generation in personal rotary wing aircraft that offers an unbeatable combination of design features, safety, performance, and affordability. We hope you will take a few minutes to learn about what makes the UFO-HeliThruster unique, how it can give you an amazing all-round personal flying machine, and at the most reasonable cost.

The UFO-HeliThruster has been built to demanding specifications. Designed from the floor up this is not a re-vamp of an old idea. Every part of this craft has been thought through, giving it a design edge in every quarter, keel, mast, engine bay, tail section - horizontal and vertical stabilizers, aero-dynamic laminar flow technology is employed on the body mouldings, tail and undercarriage parts. We needed better controllers so we made them. We wanted a great engine and an equally good PSRU, we tried quite a few and in the end we made our own. Its a gear driven design with grunt and it's ratio is 2.3 to 1. We wanted the best electronic solutions for coupling our engine to that PSRU, and a top team of engineers to put it all together, well with collaboration we've done that too. Our craft is spacious and luxurious and has the best equipment and it can lift and fly with more than a 1600-pound bulk weight. This is a very capable and strong machine.

The UFO-HeliThruster was developed in the backcountry of New Zealand. With its high rotor clearance, slow speed capability, tough construction the UFO can take you to many places a fixed wing airplane cannot. Short sections of dirt roads, medium sized brush clearings, construction zones, small dry lakebeds, dry riverbeds or washes, farm fields, and rolling hills. None of these are a problem for the UFO-HeliThruster. It's performance is such that in many cases, you'll be able to fly right to your destination, instead of landing at the closest airport and then needing to hire a car. If you have been looking for a genuine STOL aircraft then look no further than us.

Using the ultra low speed and great manoeuvrability, you will safely fly in canyon or mountain country without the worry of becoming trapped in a blind canyon. You'll be able to fly low and slow to monitor land, crops, livestock, or water channels much more closely that you could at three times the speed in an airplane. You'll go photo trekking, flying down and low in the nap of the Earth where fixed wing flight is not recommended or even possible.

You'll go with confidence over terrain that would be impossible to safely land an airplane, know that the UFO-HeliThruster can get down and stopped in a fraction of the room it takes to stop a fixed wing aircraft. And because of this, you'll go more often than you would in an airplane, because with a UFO-HeliThruster the storage costs can be put into flying!

Range of 600 miles

The UFO-HeliThruster is capable of flying 600 miles (960 kms) on one fill at the "regular" petrol pump and that is with a 1/2 hour fuel safety margin. Flying that far may not be what you want to do but it's there in reserve, with such endurance you should never come close to running out of fuel.

Climb rate of 1500 feet per minute

The UFO-HeliThruster's performance is truly impressive no matter which way you look at it. Take a look at the climb rate - 1500 foot per minute. In other words within one minute of take-off your safety margin above ground level is over a quarter of a mile already (or 460 meters). That is real performance especially when you consider that our climb rate is not compromised by loss of the UFO's excellent forward speed. The UFO-HeliThruster can climb at 1500 foot per minute while maintaining a forward speed (TAS) of 90 miles per hour. That means that you are away from potential hazards associated with airfields and other low flying problems quickly. In the one minute it took you to climb to 1500 feet you will be nearly 8000 feet down range.


All out performance is not the only criteria. For while the UFO-HeliThruster will excel at full-speed, it has the greatest safety capability of all; slow, steady and sure performance that few aircraft can match, even without full power your climb rate and manoeuvrability will show competitors the way. When your needing your air-speed to be ever so slow the UFO-HeliThruster will give you a solid platform that in all probability, will not even upset your Mum.

Engine options

The performance of the UFO-HeliThruster is the EJ25 engine gives 164hp the power from that goes through a 2.3-1 PSRU (Propeller speed reduction unit - or "Gearbox") that feeds a prop. (72" - 76") inch propeller, giving the torque to fly with ease in every situation. Thus far we have flown on a number of continents including the Southern Antipodes of Aotearoa (New Zealand), Russia and the U.S.A., we have encountered hot and high altitudes and in Russia; cold winters too).

UFO wants you to enjoy all of the comfort and cruising performance that these combinations will give you. So, if you want to fly just a little bit higher, just a little bit farther, just a little bit faster or even quite a lot slower - then don't compromise, climb aboard a UFO-HeliThruster.

What makes the UFO-HeliThruster different?


This aircraft represents the lessons learned over five generations of experimental gyros, and particularly addresses their design flaws. UFO avoids the poor design compromises continued in other gyros, yet retains those features that have proven to be safe and effective in others. Modern gyro design stemmed mostly from the original work of Igor Bensen. Bensen realized that the unpowered rotor of a gyro, avoided the need of a helicopters' long tail-boom, tail rotor and complicated mechanical hardware. In an attempt to minimize the overall size and cost of the aircraft successive manufacturers and individuals made the tails smaller and set them closer to the centre of gravity and engine.

As gyros have evolved and become more powerful, the smaller tails and shorter fuselages offered less and less safety margins, eventually causing dangerous stability problems in some cases. Changes in the thrust line and displacement of the thrust to the rotor disc and the center of gravity caused additional safety and stability concerns that plague some designs even today.


The UFO-HeliThruster has more stability and thus a larger safety margin than other gyros in its class. Why? The tail surfaces are larger and give good lateral plane area, in simple terms giving the tail more leverage to stabilize and control the gyro. Common sense dictated that by re-sizing the tail slightly larger that the minimum had to be and lengthening the tail slightly, there was a very large improvement in safety and controllability at a very small cost in weight and size. We know you'll agree that your confidence, and safety is well worth it.

The UFO-Heli-Thruster's fuselage is higher from the ground than most gyros. This when added to the fact that the rotor blades are also a little higher above the cockpit that on "standard" gyros results in greater safety, avoiding rotor strike. Also, the UFO-HeliThrusters design distance between the rotor disc and the thrust line of the engine is greater as well. Again, this increases safety by making it less prone to "tumble" (PPO) the gyro forward due to overly large control/throttle input combinations. Mac, the creator of the UFO Heli-Thruster took a close look at the safety record and stability problems of previous generations of gyros. He concluded and we agree, there is never any justification to risk controllability and flight safety. He identified the major design points they depended on, and quite simply increased the margins of safety dramatically with the improved layouts previously mentioned.


The UFO-HeliThruster has a large usable interior space, with a 1.1 meter (39 inches) of space available from on top of the seat to the cabin ceiling, and 1.2 meter (47 inches) of leg space from the back-rest of the seat to the pedals, and last but not least we have made it available to you at a very attractive price.


Thinking of comparing our price to other products? We welcome it. Thinking of comparing the UFO-HeliThruster's controllability and flight safety features to the competition's? Well, we insist!

Because a complete kitset at NZ$63,000 or a factory prepared and Ready to Fly UFO-HeliThruster at NZ$75000 (min), check us out and compare.

The History of the UFO-HeliThruster - How it developed it's craft - 1991 to present!

The UFO was first drawn in 1991, it took two years for the first prototypes to be constructed and flown, 1993.

They were flown as UFO's in 1996. The first official flight took place in December 1997, and UFO's were exported in the same year but remained a Southern Hemisphere phenomenon. One person initially built the UFO and every single part, and the quantity reflects that, there were 23 completed, 9 exported.

In July 2000 the decision was made to broadcast the UFO and a temporary website was organized to test response, the response has been huge, there are now many more UFO-HeliThrusters being built, thank you.

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